Photography On - Location
Discover Provence
A country studded with myth and magic, the sites of miracles, of ancient battles between...

Virtue and infamy... 

Places which invite and inspire response.

Valley of Evil. Provence Mystérieuse © A.J.Sq
With good reason Provence has a tradition of attracting writers, poets, painters and now photographers.
Vestiges of Rome

Provence Mystérieuse © A.J.Sq

Light, heat and tranquillity tend to open the senses, and offer the opportunity to consider what the senses reveal.
In the Roman Arena. Arles

On - location : 

We work at different times of the day; crossing a variety of Provençal landscape & situation...

 People, Places & Events

Which form : Subject, Background, Frame or interpretation, for the Project.

Everywhere catching the light, time, history, life and making the most of chance encounters.
En Camargue
...and CHANCE... Work toward to mastering Chance.

As Photographers we deal with Moments, if we are ready!

In the same instant of seeing the 'event, to seizing it.

Imagine a face illuminated by one of those curious smiles, perhaps by love, or the pure and innocent joy on the face of a child. As Cartier-Bresson would have said, 'Decisive Moments'!

Challenge even the very notion of Luck!

...and Provençal LIGHT...
Explore Low Light
Liquid gold Horizontal Light at dawn or dusk
Night Light
There is so much light it bounces around in the shadow.

...and Light at High Noon
Hard Light Dappled Light
Soft reflected Light.

Provence Profound

Shooting the Past

Discover the Provence of Legend, of Fairy tale. However dream - like; the places remain the same... the legends started here.


Before she was Occitane of Knights & Troubadours, she was a province of Rome. Before Ceaser she was visited by navigators from the obscure Greek city states of Phoenicia.

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